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Midwest Soarring Harvest Pow Wow in Naperville, IL


Harvest Pow Wow at Naperville Settlement



Will Strongheart is a member of the the Keeseekoose tribe of the Saskatchewan region. He utilizes first-hand experiences of a childhood within the Lakota and Ojibwe heritages to comprehensively respond to societal barriers. Will was academically gifted as a young adult which can be derived from his undergraduate studies while attending Lac Courte Oreilles Ojibwe College. During his tenure at this academic institution, he majored in Native American studies with an emphasis in the language of Ojibwe. He chose this course path in order to increase his knowledge capacity of the history and origins of North America's most indigenous individuals. While enrolled at the aforementioned school located in Wisconsin, he held a position within the American Indian Higher Education Consortium (AIHEC) organization as the representative of the Great Lakes. With an extensive background in art, Strongheart has spent several years journeying across North America while performing his music and holding educational workshops. Accompanied by the critically acclaimed music group REDDNATION, he toured through remote native societies to urban world-renowned theaters. Will's true passion is concentrating his efforts towards the greater good of people and animals.

More recently, Will has made his acting debut alongside Moses Brings Plenty in 'The American West' executively produced by Robert Redford for AMC. He portrays Tashunka Witco – Crazy Horse.


Naperville Pow Wow
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