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Midwest Soarring Harvest Pow Wow in Naperville, IL
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Harvest Pow Wow Sponsorship Program

September 22 & 23, 2018

Here are a variety of ways you can help ensure our Harvest Pow Wow is a success.

Direct Sponsorship Opportunities

Head Drum$15001 Opportunity
Invited Drum$10002 Opportunities
Head Male Dancer$7501 Opportunity
Head Female Dancer$7501 Opportunity
Dancer Honorarium$15002 Opportunities
Bird of Prey Exhibit - SOAR$5001 Opportunity
Satrurday Eve Dinner$30001 Opportunity
Saturday Eve Entertainment$20001 Opportunity
Children's Crafts$1000! Opportunity
Sound System$6001 Opportunity
Story Teller$5001 Opportunity
Volunteer Refreshments$3001 Opportunity
Volunteer T Shirts$7501 Opportunity
Golf Carts$15010 Opportunities
Port-O-Let$28001 Opportunity
Electricity/Lighting$30001 Opportunity

Direct Sponsorships Include:

  • Banner/sign with name and logo posted at site of sponsorship
  • Recognition in pow wow event advertising
  • All benefits listed previously included in equal sponsorship level
  • Name and logo recognition on Sponsor Banner displayed at Pow Wow
  • Your brochures displayed at our Information Booth
  • Public acknowledgement from the Main Arena
  • Listed in the Harvest Pow Wow “Thank You” Advertising
  • Name and logo displayed on our website with a Link from our website to yours
  • Admission tickets to the Pow Wow - number based on sponsorship level
  • Tickets to the Saturday Evening Feast - number based on sponsorship level


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Naperville Pow Wow
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